пятница, 19 января 2018 г.

How to wear a checked jacket

Hello, blog. This is going to be a quick talk about my favorite fashion trends of 2017 that will keep being on point in 2018. 
  • First of all, check. 
  • And jackets. 
  • Especially checked jackets. You got it.
  • Next, leather beret. Literally can't get enough of wearing it. 
  • Bag on a short handle. Crossbodies are still actual, just don't forget to shorten the handle!
  • Emphasizing your waist with a belt.
  • Pointy shoulders. Frankly speaking, this jacket is the first piece in my wardrobe with padded shoulders. I know, it's not the easiest trend to style, but this blazer hits it! (Proportions in this piece are so good!)

And now I invite you to check out how all of those items above will look in one outfit. Hope you will like it!
(Листай дальше, чтоб прочитать часть на русском ;)


Location: Dublin, Ireland