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Share the sound you love anywhere with portable DALI Katch speaker #DaliSpeakers #PlayKatch

Shooting the outfit is far more fun when you have your favorite music with you. If you want to have good shots as a result, it's very important to be on the same wavelength with the photographer. Music helps a lot. First step is to create an outfit. Then decide what place will complement your look the most. Think about the mood (it could be anything: romantic or playful, or maybe you wanna be a rock-star?) and create a playlist on your phone. Don't forget to grab your wireless DALI KATCH with you!

Dali Katch speaker comes in 3 colors, "Dark shadow" is my favorite. I love its oval shape and stylish look with a vintage scent. Size of the speaker is perfect for listening music both indoor and outdoor. It even has an adjustable strap to carry it around. You can use this store locator to find your local dealer and take a look at this speaker in real life as soon as it is officially released. 

Check out the Tumblir Page of #PlayKatch campaign for more inspiration.

Photos by Daria Synytsia

Photos by Daria Synytsia

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