понедельник, 13 апреля 2015 г.

Birthday girl

Remember I mentioned some time ago how I feel about my birthdays? Yeah, my birthdays are definitely a hard day to live through. I can't get used to being a grown-up. Anyway, I have no choice and this year I had everything going for me. The weather was perfect, I got a lot of nice presents and heard so many sweet wishes that day. I can't even imagine a better way to spend birthday. Thanks, Universe! 
Another good thing about birthday is the reason to look girlish and pretty. For evening with my friends I went for comfortable low heel Topshop shoes, plaid collar dress and light spring coat from ZNU

  • Dress - Primark
  • Coat - ZNU
  • Necklace - Forever21
  • Shoes - Topshop
  • Bag - Aliexpress
Thanks to the photos to Nastia Poberezhna

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  1. Сандалии классные!)) вообще , красивый монохромный образ получился))


  2. С Днем Рождения, но да, довольно круглый год ��

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